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At West Plains Propane, our staff is expert in gas needs. We can help you create the perfect gas solution for your home. Not sure what you need? We can help you there too. 

About Our Company

From cooking with gas to central heating and hot water, our staff has the knowledge to help you find the perfect gas product for any gas appliances in your home.

We understand how important it is that your appliances work every time you use them. Our team of professionals will make sure that the items in your home run smoothly and efficiently with the best possible gas products. Let us know what you need – we can make it happen. Come in and see us at West Plains or call us for additional details.
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Propane and Fuel


We have tank sizes to cover and service any needs. If you need a Simi load or 150 gallons, we have you covered.

Off Road Diesel

For use by farms (agricultural use), industrial, and construction vehicles that do not travel on public roadways. It is not taxed, which allows a lower pricing scale.

No Ethanol Gasoline

Increased Fuel Mileage
More Power
Avoid Phase Separation
Extended Fuel Life
Fuel system Friendly

Customer Reviews

One of the few places in West Plains you can purchase non-ethanol premium fuel for your mowers, ATV's and boats.
Danny Ulm
I would like to share my experience with West Plains Propane. I have lived in West Plains since 1994, West Plains Propane and gone above and beyond to help me in everyway possible to keep my house going. Also I would like to add that I have Izard County Propane in Arkansas and I ask them for reference in West Plains for my son and without hesitation Justin told me to Use West Plains Propane for him as well. Their good name has kept them in good standing with this area. I could go on forever with good that they have shown. Thank you
Carolyn West

No matter the quantity we have you covered.